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2016 Planning Application

June 2016

A planning application for a wind farm at Limekiln, Reay, Caithness has been re-submitted to the Scottish Government during June 2016.

Dear Resident,

As you are already aware, the proposal for a Windfarm at Limekiln, Reay was unanimously objected to by the Highland Council Planning Committee, and was then turned down by the Scottish Government following a public enquiry. Despite this refusal, the developer Infinergy, has re-submitted the same proposal to develop twenty-four turbines, with a tip height up to 139 metres which will be highly visible from many parts of Caithness and Sutherland.

The number, height and movement of the turbines together with their sitting just 2.1km south of the village of Reay will combine to make the wind farm an overwhelming and dominating presence. This will blight the lives of many residents, impact significantly on the wider community, effect tourism, and wildlife. The re-submission of Limekiln, with the proposed development at Drum Hollistan, and together with developments at Baillie, Forss, and Strathy will overwhelm the communities of Reay and Melvich.

You may have submitted an objection for the previous application, but as this is a new application for Limekiln it is vitally important that you make your views known separately to BOTH the Highland Council in Inverness and the Government’s Energy Consents Unit. It is vital that local opinion is taken into consideration when the application is decided.

The reason we are writing to you, is to let you know about the deadline and to explain how to go about making an objection should you wish to do so.

Highland Council will continue to accept comments and objections up to the point the application is considered by the Planning Committee.

If you are concerned about the development we urge you to OBJECT by the deadline.

You can do this by:

1) Writing you own letter or sending an email (please use the word ‘OBJECT’ in your letter otherwise it is just treated as a comment, put your name in block capitals and sign and date your letter); or

2) Use the enclosed forms, and, if possible, please add your own comments so that it is treated as an individual objection. If you don’t need the enclosed forms please pass them onto others to use.

Please note: 1 person per form to count as an individual objection

Copies of your objection should be sent to BOTH of the following or they can be dropped in to Reay Village Shop or Old Reay House, Reay

The Scottish Government,             eplanning Centre,

Energy Consents Unit,                    The Highland Council,

4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay,             Glenurquhart Road,

150 Broomielaw,                            Inverness,

Glasgow, G2 8LU                            IV3 5NX

(quote Limekiln, Reay, Caithness)    (quote Limekiln, Reay,)

Email: representations@scotland.gsi.gov.uk   Email: eplanning@highland.gov.uk

Please get your family, friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances to object. The best way to stop this development is local opposition.