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Dear All                                                                                                                                        11th January 2017

This is an update on the Limekiln Wind Farm application.


It was on the agenda for the Highland Council North Planning Application Committee yesterday but has been deferred until the next meeting on February 21st because of a late submission by the Scottish Natural Heritage. Thank you all for your objections.


We also need as many objections as possible to the Drum Hollistan Wind Farm application.   For those of you who haven’t objected yet there is still time.  As a reminder, one form counts as one objection (two names on one form count as one objection) and copies should be sent to both the Highland Council and the Scottish Government.  Alternatively they can be dropped off at the Village Shop.

I attach a copy of the pro forma form in case you need it.


Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and All the Best for 2017.


Kind regards

RAWOG Committee


Hi Everyone                                                                                                                                  7th December 2016

The environmental statement attached (pdf below) indicates that noise levels from the proposed Drum Hollistan Windfarm will be higher than guidelines recommend and will impact properties in Beinn Ratha Court and the west of the village.  There seems to be little awareness of this - please spread the word and encourage objections.


Hi Everyone                                                                                                                                       November 2016

Here we go again!  We have only just submitted objections against the resubmission of Limekiln Wind Farm and now have to deal with the planning application made last month by Drum Hollistan Renewables LLP for a large wind farm at Drum Hollistan between Melvich and Reay. The proposed development of 17 turbines, with heights up to 140 metres to blade tip, will be highly visible from many parts of Caithness and Sutherland, and will dominate the skyline along the A836.

The number, height and especially the siting of the turbines on the high ground between Reay, Melvich and Strath Halladale will combine to make the wind farm an overwhelming and dominating presence for those living in or travelling through the area. The wind farm will also have an impact on local wildlife and migrating birds. This part of Caithness and Sutherland is becoming saturated with wind farms either built, or in the planning stages, and we are beginning to feel that this area has been marked out as the dumping ground for these unnecessary industrial developments which are spoiling our beautiful landscape. Visualisations of how the area will be dominated by Drum Hollistan wind farm can be viewed at Reay Village Hall or on the Highland Council website.

We are writing to you to let you know how to go about making an objection should you wish to do so and to ask that objections are made as soon as possible.  We have a provisional deadline of 12 December 2016 for objections which is only 4 weeks away.

Only by joining together and objecting to this proposal can we make our voice heard. It is vital that local opinion in particular is taken into consideration when the application is decided.  We need as many objections as possible and this can be done in a number of ways. These are detailed below.

1.      Use the attached form, and, if possible, please add your own comments so that it is treated as an individual objection. Please use one form per person as joint objections are just counted as one. If you know of others who will also object please pass on copies of the form for them to use. Completed forms can be left at Reay Village Shop or with Heather Thompson, Isauld Cottage, Reay, KW14 7RW so they can be sent together to save postage. If you are posting the forms yourself please send copies to both addresses at the top of the form.

2.      Use the Highland Council website at wam.highland.gov.uk/   Click on Simple Search. Enter the Planning Ref. 16/04987/S36 and log in to make a comment.

3.      By email to  representations@scotland.gsi.gov.uk and eplanning@highland.gov.uk quoting Drum Hollistan 16/04987/S36 and use the word ‘object’.

4.      Write your own letter of objection and post a copy to both addresses shown on the top of the attached form.

Please quote the Planning Reference 16/04987/S36, Drum Hollistan, and use the word ‘Object’ in any correspondence otherwise it is just treated as a comment.

Please get your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to object. The best way to stop this development is local opposition.

We also want to remind you that we are still in need of funds to employ the services of professional experts to represent the community to oppose this second development in the area. We have a shortfall of funds following the Limekiln objection and we are therefore asking for your support once again. Please consider making a monetary donation of any size to help against Drum Hollistan. Christmas Raffle tickets are still for sale and cheques (made payable to RAWOG) or cash can be sent to Heather Thompson, Isauld Cottage, Reay , KW14 7RW.  Alternatively, donations can be made through our website rawog.co.uk either by Paypal or by Debit/Credit Card.  We would also welcome help with leaflet distribution and raffle ticket sales.

A further reminder about the Christmas Raffle:

The above makes it all the more important to sell as many tickets as possible for the Christmas Raffle.  This is  to be drawn at a RAWOG public open meeting in Reay Village Hall on 3rd December when the wind farm application documents, including visualisations, and an update on the current  situation will be available.   Tickets are still available for yourself or to sell from Heather Thompson at the above address, tel: 01847 811 486, email heather2.ht@gmail.com.

 Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.

Kind regards

RAWOG   Committee

Reay Area Windfarm Opposition Group




RAWOG Update on Funding (2) - 21 September 2016
Dear All


At £2890 we almost reached our target of £3000 to contribute to the initial costs of engaging a planning expert to represent RAWOG in the fight against the Limekiln Wind Farm application.  In addition to the crowdfunding page we had contributions through our own web-site, newsletters and begging letters.   Thanks to all who have made donations so far.  Our planning expert, Ian Kelly, has produced an excellent document which can be seen on the Highland Council web-site dated 20 July 2016 – RAWOG Local Residents and is attached to this email.


We are now embarking on further fundraising activities to cover the costs of being represented at the Public Inquiry.  We are also preparing for the next stages of the campaign against the proposed Drum Hollistan Wind Farm.  Donations can still be made through our own web-site or directly through any committee member.


At this stage we have no information on timescale but we are running a Christmas Raffle to raise further funds.  Tickets are £1 each with prizes 1st Finest Scottish Hamper, 2nd Christmas Hamper, 3rd Bottle of Whisky, plus other prizes.


The raffle will be drawn on Saturday, 3rd December, at a Public Open Afternoon in Reay Village Hall when the latest information on the Wind Farm proposals will be available.


Raffle tickets should be available next Friday from any committee member but would anyone else prepared to sell tickets please contact Heather Thompson at “object_to_limekiln@hotmail.co.uk” or on 01847 811 486 who will gratefully accept your help.


Looking forward to your further support.


Kind regards


RAWOG Committee.


Reay Area Windfarm Opposition Group  9 August at 22:39 ·

Dear All

As you are aware from our recent emails Infinergy have resubmitted a proposal to build Limekiln Wind Farm despite a refusal by the Scottish Government last year. We are in the process of objecting to this once again on behalf of local residents and expect the Highland Council’s planning committee to vote on it in October/November. If they object to the proposal it will then go to a Public Inquiry.

Many of you have already been very generous in helping with donations for the previous submission, but as you will be aware fighting against a wind farm proposal is an expensive process and we need to raise funds again. As we are short of time for the usual types of fundraising events we are now seeking monetary donations of any size. We desperately need your support and would be grateful for any help you can give us in our attempt to stop the development of such an imposing and out of place windfarm so close to Reay.

Donations can be made in several ways:-

Through our website rawog.co.uk, either by Paypal or by Debit/Credit Card. Just click our Donate Button.

Or via our Crowdfunding page at


Alternatively, cheques made payable to RAWOG can be sent or given to Heather Thompson at Isauld Cottage, Reay.

Further information can also be obtained by emailing

object_to _limekiln@hotmail.co.uk

It would be a great help to us if you would pass this request on to anyone else you think might be willing to support our case in this way.

Thank you especially to those who have already donated to this appeal.

Kind regards

RAWOG Committee.

Crowd Funding Page
Help raise £3,000 to contribute to the costs of engaging a planning expert to represent RAWOG in the fight against the Limekiln Windfarm application

We're raising money to contribute to the costs of engaging a planning expert to represent RAWOG in the fight against the Limekiln Windfarm application. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.



Reay Area Windfarm Opposition Group  2 August at 21:59 ·

In case anyone missed the closing date for objections, we understand that ECDU and Highland Council will still accept comments. Information on how to object is included in previous posts.

Our crowdfunding has been going well - many thanks to all who have made donations and to those who have donated directly or through the website. We still have a bit to go, so would appreciate "shares" with anyone you think may be interested.



Reay Area Windfarm Opposition Group  19 July ·

Friday is the closing date for objections and if HC object, we're heading for another Public Inquiry. RAWOG has engaged a planning expert to submit an objection and start preparing for the Inquiry. We need to fund raise to cover the costs of this and rather than have endless raffles and bingo nights are trying a more direct approach.

We have written to all the "friends of RAWOG", and set up a crowdfunding page, to hopefully get donations.

If you would like to donate, the link is below. Would also appreciate if you could all share with anyone else you think may be interested.

Many Thanks

RAWOG Committee

Help raise £4,000 to Contribute to the costs of engaging a planning expert to represent RAWOG in...

We're raising money to Contribute to the costs of engaging a planning expert to represent RAWOG in the fight against the Limekiln Windfarm application. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.