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Newsletter 1

Hello and thank you for showing an interest in RAWOG.


As the name implies we want to stop the development of windfarm's in the Reay area.

At present this means the proposed development at Limekiln. To date 548 people have formally registered their objections to this scheme. If you haven't objected yet, there is still time. The Council expect the developers to submit an Addendum to their original submission by the end of July. The purpose of the Addendum is to allow the developer to respond to questions raised on the submission.

Once the Council have received and published the Addendum the public have 28 days to comment further.


RAWOG has established a website (www.RAWOG.co.uk) to keep you informed. Details of how to object to the scheme if you haven’t already done so can be found on the website.


To raise both awareness and funds, RAWOG are:




If you have a question or want further information or know somebody else who might like information please contact RAWOG at: Secretary@RAWOG.co.uk


Finally, because we do not have email addresses for all Friends, could recipients please spread the word as widely as possible.

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Colin Gregory

Chairman RAWOG

10th July 2013