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Newsletter 2

Hi All

Limekiln Wind Farm, Reay,  Caithness.  Ref 12/04781/S36

On 28 August 2013 RAWOG submitted to the Highland Council and to ECDU,Glasgow, an objection to the above proposal, together with comments on the Addendum (copy of letter attached).
Reference is made in the letter to  photomontages which have been produced to show examples of how intrusive and overbearing the nearby proposed wind farm would be to the inhabitants of Reay and surrounding area.  

The following are links to photomontages in the Infinergy Environment Statement which are worth looking at, particularly by zooming in.

Drum Hollistan http://files.opendebate.co.uk/files/infinergy/limekiln/Limekiln_Fig9.20_Viewpoint%201%20A836%20layby%20at%20Drum%20Hollistan.pdf


Sandside Harbour



Borlum Hill



Also attached are photomontages by Stuart Young, chairman of the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, showing the potential view from a couple of houses in Reay and the Golf Club car park.





Can I remind you of the RAWOG Christmas Raffle to be drawn at the Bingo Night on 23rd November.  We are still looking for people to sell tickets, if you are prepared to sell tickets please contact Heather Thompson on object_to_limekiln@hotmal.co.uk.  Prizes for the Raffle and the Bingo Night will be very welcome.


Please also spread the word about RAWOG and the "Friends".


Kind regards


Rowland Shallcross